One Brand that you can trust with your health ‘NutriUp.’ ‘NutriUp is the flagship brand of ‘1 Up Life Care’, a family of wellness, fitness and lifestyle products committed to providing people with high quality products to complement their lifestyles and physical health. With the way our life is changing and with the amount of time we can spend on ourselves or our health is negligible.

Therefore, managing health needs to be in a simple and easily applicable manner. With determination, perseverance and science mixed with the best quality ingredients and world class technology; we’ve come up with a range of products to keep your health thriving in this busy lifestyle and changing environment. Since years, the one thing which is co-related with India is its treasure; the treasure of ‘Ayurveda and Herbal Culture’. We at NutriUp, provide the World with supplements which are a unique combination of the power of Ayurveda and essence of Herbal Practice.

Those who trust us, we never fail them!

About Trust

What Makes us, ‘US’!

To create an effective and successful product; the prime importance has to be given to the right combination, quantity and quality of the Raw Materials used to make the product. For the last 20 Years, we have been a quality supplier of Raw Materials and the expertise we’ve gained has helped us create, the products we offer.

Well balance and quality oriented products; harnessed by science, expertise and world-class technologies.