consume Good Fat

As we all have heard since our School years, our diet should comprise of Green Vegetables. But since the beginning at – least from the time we started to understand we think of Vegetables as our Enemy. Eating a Spinach in a Corn-Cheese-Spinach Sandwich, does not really count as having all the Nutrients of the Vegetable and with the lifestyle change; along with the change in diet we are moving towards a ‘Dangerous Cycle of Delicious Food’. It is so hard to say NO!

Our diet should comprise minimum 35-50% of Carbohydrates and 10% Fats; but which fat should we really have? How healthy is that Fat?

The fats that we generally consume get deposited in our body and layers off as the extra fat on our love handles which we really try hard to reduce.

What can we do about this?

Well there is a simple solution, consume Good Fat which also helps you get rid of the bad fat accumulated in your body. COCOPLUS is one such product which adds good fat in your diet and helps you reduce the extra weight which you’ve been trying for such a long time.

So what are you exactly waiting for?